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My Drinking Game

 is a ridiculous drinking game you'll love to play with your friends, family or co-workers. 

A new twist on an old favourite, MDG is a collection of the best drinking game rules from around the world in one mega-deck of cards.

Get your jolly on, heck, get your sloppy on! Whatever you do, get the party started with MDG.

Ever played 'Kings Cup' or 'Thumb Master'? If you have, you'll remember having to write down all the rules, trying to agree on them ('cause there are so many different house rules) and then trying to remember the rules when you're in the middle of the game ("what's the Jack mean again?").

We've taken all the work AND the guess work out of it for you, PLUS we added sweet rules from all over the world so it always stays fresh.


in Stores!

$24.99 + tax

Vancouver, BC

Surrey, BC

New Westminster, BC

Coquitlam, BC


Wanna try the game first? Go for it!

We've made you a free black & white copy of the game to download and play at home!

Free Download

100+ Cards Black & White PDF

The More You Drink the Less You Think!

Yep, but don't worry we've got ya covered. It's dead simple. 

- Just flip over the card and do what it says.

That's all you've gotta remember! We've taken care of the rest. 

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